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You build buildings.Office space. Rental units. Ground-up developments.

Well-built, quality structures that add to your impressive portfolio and allow you to reap the profits of your investment.
You can’t afford to waste precious time on workers who show up sporadically, promise the world, then deliver next to zero.
You need to work with a team you can trust. A team with a proven track record and superior craftsmanship.

Meet Tivuna
/təˈvo͞on ə/
Understanding, clarity, and intelligence


A company that has perfected transparency. And not just in our A- level glass products. With our Tivuna Clarity Guarantee™, you can feel confident in our ability to deliver a better product at better value when you need it.

Gain clarity with a clear-cut plan

You give us the elevation. We give you a detailed list of each pane of glass you’ll need and it’s cost. This way, you know exactly what you’ll be getting with our straightforward system. No guesswork. No unfulfilled expectations.

Get what’s best for you with our customized solutions

We work within the framework of your budget and timeline to find the optimal solution for your project. With our extensive connections and direct European imports, we can provide the perfect match for your needs from across the market.

Save money with quality materials you can count on

All you want is a building finished with the highest caliber glass. Manufactured to the highest standards of modern production. Designed to outlast the toughest of weathers, most negligent of tenants, and most persistent of vandals. That’s our goal too.

Stay ahead with our efficient systems

An organized construction site is the difference between on-time completion and a never ending saga. We keep things organized with a detailed plan of every last pane of glass and its hardware.

A process as clear as the glass we install

Once you reach out for a quote, here’s what you can expect